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Organisation Utilysys

The Utilysys Foundation was set up at the initiative of the Royal General Bulb Growers' Association KAVB and the Royal Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulbs Anthos. Both organisations appoint three board members.
The mission of the Utilysys Foundation  is to improve logistics of the (inter)national trade of flowerbulbs and perennials. It can and will be done cheaper, more durable and more efficient within the supply-chain. Together with partners the Utilysys® collapsible crate was designed and introduced for flowerbulbs and perennials suppliers worldwide. For commercial activities, the Utilysys Foundation has established a partnership with professional partners.

Users, researchers and  specialists have deleloped a firm, standard-sized (60x40 cm) black polyethylene (new material) foldable bulb crate which meets all requirements imposed on an export crate  for all types of flower bulbs and perennials.

This crate allows optimum ventilation, and is strong enough at the same time to be stacked on pallets for storage in climate controlled storing rooms. All Utilysys® crates are equal of size and shape, so they can be exchanged between companies. Being able to identify each crate using the unique in moulded barcode, companies that exchange information in the supply chain will have extra benefits.

A wide application of the Utilysys® crate as standard packaging will provide even more  benefits
•    to the environment,
•    to the workers in the industry,
•    to the end users in the supply chains,
•    to all companies that operate in the flower bulb and perennials sector.

A win-win situation.

  • returnable
    crates will be returned empty to the supplier and could make 7-10 loops with acceptable failure under normal usage (follow the instructions of the user manual)
  • lower costs
    less transport mileage, lower storage costs, option of (paid) return freight, efficiency through standardisation
  • durability
    reducing crate demand by 85% thanks to reusable instead of once-only crates, less transport mileage, less emissions, less energy required, plastic waste reduction
  • quality of flower bulbs and perennials
    maximum ventilation features of the crate, less product repacking, smooth interior of the crate, less plant diseases
  • space savings
    storage in collapsed state: 80% space savings, temporary use by other companies
  • standardisation
    one size; black recyclable plastic; identification with unique barcode; mechanization/ robotising of processing; 
  • ICT/administration/barcodes,
    better stock management, ingoing and outgoing flows, invoicing, administration cost reduction plant health information sharing and much more
  • Occupational Health, Safety
    easy to process, less lifting for employees due to mechanization/ robotising
  • strategic market position
    sustainability, additional service to the customer by taking back the crates, contribution to a strong position of horticulture in logistics chains


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