Automated packing of Lilybulbs 

At VWS-Flowerbulbs Lilybulbs are being packed and prepared for export
on a fully-automated packing-line. Watch this video

The robot in this production line, provided by Total Systems, performs two tasks:
at the beginning of the line crates are picked up from the pallet and at the end of
the line crates are piled up. The way of stacking is  determined by software.
Based on pre-programmed crate-positions the robot knows what to do. This is very
versatile adjustable. Go to video  



Because of the saturated plastic crate market

and the cost savings for the customer and its environmental friendliness.
At the beginning of season 2014 Westerbeek Bulb Company moved to
their newly built, 2.000 m2 premises in Bulb Trade Park Noordwijkerhout.
About 80% of the customers in North-America and Canada receive almost all
varieties of bulbs in Utilysys® crates. Westerbeek Bulb Company is enthusiastic
about this modern way of shipping since 2011. Read more

Stacked as high as lily crates

Van den Bos Flowerbulbs sends Lily bulbs in Utilysys® crates to selected customers. This crate is stacked the same height in the storage as the normal Lily crate, as it is just as strong. People at Van den Bos Flowerbulbs will be happy to share experiences regarding processing of the bulbs with other companies.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Lily Export to the USA at Dobbe Farms


Dobbe Farms LLC asked CNB Refrigeration and Preparation Facilities in
The Netherlands to test the semi-automatic packaging line including
the automatic stacker. With hardly any adjustments this line was fit
for packing the Lily bulbs with Utilysys® crates and storing in
climate controlled rooms for a longer period of time. After this test
Dobbe Farms LLC made a complete turnaround. Read more…


Cleaning the crates

Before you use the crates for the next journey, they can be cleaned and disinfected. A good example of a service provider is Warmerdam Spoelbedrijf.  

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