The product

The Utilysys® foldable crate

The most important features:

  • very smooth interior, so no damage to products
  • reinforced bottom, so suitable for automatic processing
  • low folding height with a volume reduction of about 80% (1 crate folded out equals 5 folded crates)
  • Excellent ventilation features, both in the bottom and the side walls
  • Prepared for RFID
  • active folding system by means of ‘lift lock’ fastener
  • suitable for heavy loads
  • 100% recycable
Crate specifications:
Material: Polyethyleen PE
Colour: Black
Material of lock: Polyoxymethyleen (POM)
Technical features:
Length (exterior) 599 mm
Width (exterior) 399 mm
Height (totaal) 232 mm
Length (interior) 567 mm
Width (interior) 367 mm
Height (interior) 222 mm
Stacking height (opened) 224 mm
Stacking height (ingeklapt) 44 mm
Weight: 2090 gram
Usable volume: 44.3 liter
Static load: 25 kg
Static stacking strength 400 kg
Bottom 400mm side:  
Bottom 600mm side:  
Label louders: both 400mm sides
Pallet options:  
Euro-pallet (800x1200)  
Folded(Height 2400mm) 200 pieces
Industrial pallet (1000x1200) 
Folded (Height 2400mm) 250 pieces
Maximum load in sea container: highcube 40 ft.
Stuffed: 22 x 50 crates
Collapsed: 5500 - 6800 crates


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